All type top quality frames, specially designed to meet comfort and aesthetic requirements of modern buildings including the reliability of Inter Casa Mykonos. Total design of entrances, windows, shutters, interior doors, using wood as the main material. All these are an integral part of Greek architecture. 

1.German Type Wooden Frames 

High quality frames, 68x80 mm. cross section, made of niagon, meradi or pine using laminated in 3 layers & anti-adhesive timber and Sikens water impregnation varnishes

2.PVC Synthetic Frames  

A smart and reliable low cost option with excellent thermal & noise insulation. The frames are designed and installed according to the dimensions at customer’s site.

​The combination of high quality and low cost is one of the main reasons that customer confidence is growing rapidly. 


    • Opening–Reclining
    • Garage rolls and doors
    • Shutters
    • Large Dimensions Sliding
    • Sliding– Laminated
    • Doors


    • Thermal insulation –Savings in heating and cooling
    • Security- Burglary protection
    • Sound proofing –A key element to enjoy life
    • Ventilation – Essential for your health

3. Laminate Internal doors and frames

4.German Mechanisms Roto  


Window Shutters

Window shutters are an attractive alternative to conventional rolls. Roto Fentro Company systems are flexible, high value, easy to install and of high quality down to the last detail.

Because of the powder coating, the stainless steel surface of the clasp material is ideal for virtually all weather and environmental conditions. Thanks to its pre-assembled modular system it can be installed quickly and easily. 

Shutter Catch

The clasp is an important part for the window’s safety.

Installation variants

    • Fentro 200 frame installation
    • Fentro 200 M masonry installation
    • Fentro 200 F flush installation
    • Fentro 200 frame system

Window Hinges and Frame

Whether it is a cross tailed, angle-bracket or large window hinge,
​the choice is Fentro modular system.

Locking Mechanisms

    • Catch Uni lock
    • Automatic locking. Three locking points with a twist-lock rod
    • Large pull-in through the latch-hook
    • Three dimensions lock rod: 1500, 1800 and 2400 mm
    • Central lock of the lock rod
    • Three-point twist lock rod
    • Catch safety function, prevents the opening from outside
    • Integrated ventilation mode position
    • Three lengths lock rod: 1500, 1800 and 2400 mm
    • Lock-Center
    • latch of the clasp for single-leaf


Our extensive range of Roto Fentro accessories meets all requirements with regard to convenience, security and appearance, including:

    • Axis-independent crank-opener
    • Suspending run-up block for shutter support on top
    • Anti-unhinge device prevents unhinging closed window shutters
    • Decorative corner-bracket for an attractive appearance and high stability 
    • Multi-sash butt hinge can be used with internal and external rotation point

Twin-cam safety locks for outward opening windows