Wooden floors and stairs with a unique aesthetic from Inter Casa Mykonos. The specialized company workshops provide all the services related to the installation and maintenance of all types of wooden floor (nail, glue, floating, hardwood, pre-lacquered, laminate, interior and exterior floors) and interior stairways in collaboration with Dedron (http://www.dedron.gr/dapedo/index.php).

The strong experience in private and enterprise installations, together with the high quality of materials used in each structure guarantee the perfect aesthetic and functionality results. The used materials for the wooden floors and stairs are guaranteed by the partner company Dedron which offers outstanding products with the most privileged prices.

The original designs and the wide variety of colors and materials meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.Unique wooden floors and stairs, with the expertise and experience of Inter Casa Mykonos wooden frames craft factory in Mykonos.

Wooden floors